About #SaveMyFriend

What is the problem?

Despite such challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic, world has seen extraordinary courage of individuals and communities who have come forward and continue to serve people and families in distress.

Technology in hand of an individual has equipped a common man to share information which has led to overflow of information in our phones and social media accounts. And when one requires help, we are overwhelmed by response and not able to list and track vendors, when we actually need for ourself.

Every minute saved in finding verified lead on-time, can save lives of our dear ones.

Drawing on this experience, few passionate individuals have come together to launch the initiative #SaveMyFriend.

How will you solve the problem?

We have developed a community-driven data aggregator platform which gathers information related to medical equipment’s and supplies availability. Based on the location provided by the user/individual, the platform shows all suppliers/vendors near them and helps them connect with the same. It also allows individuals to share information/contribute leads to our database.

Our vision is to help individuals in distress to reduce their effort in terms of time in finding critical resources at critical time.

How does it work?

The primary aim of data aggregation is to gather and share quality medical equipment’s and supplies availability that would have been difficult to find at critical moment.  Community finds the suppliers/vendors information & put it in this platform that individuals/users in distress can access it. This ensures that users find the information that they actually need in one place rather than many irrelevant results from a search engine or whats app groups. This platform is developed to help users find information at one place and save time in finding verified lead and save life of a dear one.

Who can be part of it?

Technology in hand of an individual has equipped a common man to become a contributor of lead information of suppliers/vendors. We encourage individuals who wish to contribute data to gather and upload verified leads so a fellow individual in distress can benefit by saving time in getting critical information.

Why you should be part of the movement #SaveMyFriend?

#SaveMyFriend an initiative that uses the power of common man – knowledge and initiative to capture a verified lead across the globe and share it on a platform for people to use to save lives.

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